77 Bonded Rye

77 Whiskeys are distilled using a pot still with a rectifying column, known to produce a softer, sweeter spirit. Each of the Bonded series is aged in 53-gallon barrels for a minimum of 4 years. To meet the more stringent requirements to be labeled Bottled in Bond, the series was distilled in one season (no blending between vintages), by one distiller, aged at least 4 years, and bottled at 100 proof (50% alc/vol). The final requirement for Bottled in Bond is the DSP must be listed on the bottle. After all the hard work and waiting we put into making this whiskey from scratch, we’re very proud to list our own DSP on the label.

Bonded Rye is the second release in our 77: Bonded Series.
-Distilled from 100% New York rye
-Aged 4 years
-53 Gallon, #3 char, new oak barrels
-2,400 bottles
-100 Proof, 750mL
-Bottled in Bond
-Released May 1st, 2018

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