SINCE 2010


We here at Breuckelen Distilling respect tradition, but when it comes to creating craft spirits we follow our own path.

Our goal at Breuckelen Distilling is to create delicious spirits that are honestly crafted. Since 2010 we’ve been milling grain, distilling, aging, and bottling our spirits in Brooklyn. Over time we’ve developed recipes based on what we’ve learned tastes best. This practice has built what we believe are some unique, easy drinking, and delicious spirits.
Whether you’re a whiskey aficionado or a classic casual cocktail consumer, Breuckelen Distilling has something special for you. To us, craft doesn’t compromise

SINCE 2010


Hi there, I’m Brad Estabrooke, founder and distiller at Breuckelen Distilling.
If I were a traditional person, I’d still be grinding away working in the world of finance. But I wanted more out of life, so I decided to follow my passions. Now instead of sitting behind a desk, I’m climbing mountains. Instead of sipping on something traditional, I’m hand-crafting spirits that I want to drink by bending the rules of tradition. I’m proud of what I create, and I stand behind the quality.