10th February 2020

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17th July 2019

Whiskey Ginger Mule

This bright and spicy cocktail is whiskey, citrus, and a ginger liqueur from our friends @barrowsintense. In a mixing vessel combine ice with: 2 oz 77 NY Wheat 1 oz Barrows Intense (ginger) 1 oz fresh lemon juice Stir and strain over a couple of ice cubes. Top with Soda […]
17th July 2019

The Boulevardier

It takes only three ingredients to make a Boulevardier, which keeps it simple to make a delicious drink. We are using Forthave’s Red to make it local but the original calls for Campari. You can substitute Local Rye and Corn, too. In a vessel large enough for stirring combine ice […]
17th July 2019

Old Fashioned

2 oz 77 Bonded Rye 1 sugar cube ( or 1/3 oz simple syrup) 2 dashes Angostura bitters Orange peel for garnish Chill a rocks glass. Place the sugar cube in the bottom of the glass and add the bitters. Muddle with a spoon. Add rye and stir. Add one […]
17th July 2019

Glorious Corpse Reviver #2

Although this one requires a larger number of ingredients, the combination of flavors makes for a real treat. In a strainer filled with ice, combine 1 oz Glorious Gin 1 oz Cointreau 1 oz Lillet Blanc 1 oz fresh lemon juice 1 dash absinthe (we used Doc Hernson’s green) Shake […]
17th July 2019

77 Whiskey NY Sour

A NY Whiskey in a NY Sour, could it be made any other way? Really though the red wine tannin adds complexity to an already delicious drink. Combine with ice in a shaker: 2 oz 77 NY Wheat ¾ oz simple syrup 1 oz lemon juice Egg white (optional) Shake […]