Project Series

Whiskey made with local malt

Our newest line of whiskeys is based on something that didn’t exist when we first opened our doors in 2010: Local Malt.

You see, from our beginning we thought making a local whiskey meant using local ingredients. So we’ve always used local water and local grains to make our products. But not until 2012 could we get malted local grains. You can imagine our excitement.

So we distilled several new whiskeys with a goal to make the richest, fullest flavor and most delicious whiskeys we could. Then we filled 53 gallon barrels and waited.

The wait paid off and we finally have the first release of the series, we dubbed it Project No. 1.

Distilled from a mash of 60% corn, 20% red wheat, and 20% malted barley. 100% grown on NY farms. The batch was distilled in January and February of 2013. There are 13 barrels which we think will fill about 3,000 bottles. It’s bottled at 100 proof.

Project No. 1 meets the more stringent requirements to be labeled Bottled in Bond, which we are quite proud of. Bottled in bond stands for authenticity.

The folks at Ultimate Spirits Challenge liked it, too. Here’s a link to what they had to say about 94 Pts

Available in New York, California, Colorado, and Japan.

Order a bottle online:
Astor Wines
Park Ave Liquor Shop
Bottle Rocket
De Wine Spot
New York Craft Spirits
Greenwood Grape and Still

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