We are all part of the problem.
Although we can always do more, here are a few achievements that we can share about our own decisions to exist in a more sustainable manner:

1. Compost. Our distillers grains and spent botanicals are composted in a commercial composting facility. Composting food waste instead of using a landfill reduces greenhouse gas emissions and recycles nutrients into a valuable by-product.

2. Green electricity. Although we don’t have the resources for our own solar farm (yet!) we do pay for 100% green energy offset through our energy supply company.

3. Regional grains. We use grains grown in New York State because they make a New York Whiskey but also it cuts down on trucking stuff across the country…or further.

4. We choose FSC Certified label stocks.

P.S. To be clear we burn natural gas for heating our stills, mash tank, and our facility. It’s cleaner burning than the other options but it’s still mostly a fossil fuel.

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